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Building Digital Noise or Relevance?
Email marketing or targeted inbound marketing eliminates the noise by sending relevant information that is important to your customer.  GIM Agency SaaS vendor partners can aggregate all the different bits of information collected about your customer supplying a clear lead nurturing plan of action.  Is your business in need of automation?

Inbound Marketing Certified
and continually leading the way on optimizing our client's Digital  and Green Worlds.   The right technology to meet business objectives. 

GIM Agency can design, implement and monitor a step by step plan for sales and marketing.  Our expertise is in new marketing projects needing more Multi-channel management or automation, and product launches that need new brochures or packaging.  
Sales augmentation for assistance in expediting retail setup, end cap design projects, web graphics, content, and lead generation and
nurturing.  Support for social media content and management.

Industry partners for automation and optimization are based on individual client's needs.  Relationships include  Eloqua, Constant Contact, and other SaaS solutions. 

Now is time to understand your customer with behavioral monitoring, advanced web analytical to achieve better visibility with search engines and ultimately more revenue and brand loyalty.

GIM Intro Marketing Programs

Web SEO and Lead Nuturing CLCM

A: SEO Evaluation of Web Site ranking, keyword content vs competitors Site, Review of web content and layout.
B: Customer Life Cycle Management (CLCM) review, strategic plan and role out program option.
C: Do both SEO  and CLCM review SAVE 10%

Press Release Sevices

A2:  (1) Press Release
B2:  (1) Press Release distribution to

C2: Do both Press Release and distribution SAVE 10%

Email Marketing and HTML Design

A3: HTML Email designed with your graphics
B3: 100 company emails sent an HTML Email campaign
C3: Do both and SAVE 10%
Content Management
A4: Web site page graphic update or product page brochure
B4: Social Media- Twitter, Facebook or Blog
C4: Both you guessed it...bundled discount!

 ALL programs designed to fit your budget, time frame and company goals. The GIM Agency will guide you on how to gather and analyze your client's total on and off page behavior so Web content, Social Media and Mobile marketing are all relevant to your customers.